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This is a custom box : D

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Welcome on my page! :rose:
Why have one featured drawing here, if I can post many with custom boxes? ;D Let me show you the highlights of my gallery!

Best works
Lights of Love by ICanReachTheStarsAniway Organiser - Fallen Angel by ICanReachTheStarsKiriban - Guns 'n Skirts by ICanReachTheStarsSix Trillion Years and Overnight Story by ICanReachTheStarsChestnut Cruise - 'Seasons of Anna' Contest Entry by ICanReachTheStarsSkeleton's Curse by ICanReachTheStarsDon't mess with Time, or it'll mess with You! by ICanReachTheStars
1st Daily Deviation :heart: Received on the 18th of June, 2013.

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Paperchildren and ACEO's
Comm: BabyDoll paperchild by ICanReachTheStarsPaperchild Comm - I can hear this Chair sighting by ICanReachTheStarsCommission - FluffyBun by ICanReachTheStars
ACEO - Deep Heart by ICanReachTheStarsACEO Commish - Intense Gaming Ian by ICanReachTheStarsACEO Commish - Mitsu's Mirror by ICanReachTheStars

My stories

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The two short manga stories (both completed) I made, both for the Circle Nippon-Doujinshi! Right now I'm busy with a 3rd story about a shinigami!
Ten Letters to Love You - Cover by ICanReachTheStarsTen Letters to Love You - Page 1 by ICanReachTheStarsTen Letters to Love You - Page 10 by ICanReachTheStars
Ten Letters to Love You, 17 pages, shoujo-ai, about a girl named Karu who writes loveletters to another girl, claiming she's delivering them for a secret lover- but they are hers! The girl thinks the writer is male and starts to fall in love with his personality.. but what about Karu? All pages can be find in my gallery and on my Smackjeeves! Published in Nippon's "Love is Love", a shounen-ai/shoujo-ai/yaoi-/yuri manga.
Guitar Gytha and Singing Sammy - COVER by ICanReachTheStarsGuitar Gytha and Singing Sammy - Page 4 by ICanReachTheStarsGuitar Gytha and Singing Sammy - Page 7 by ICanReachTheStars Guitar Gytha & Singing Sammy
12 pages, a story about a girl and her dog trying to become famous- by impressing a guy who might be able to make her into a star! But.. Gitami's tactics of impressing someone are, to say it nice.. a liiiitle odd. Pages can be found in my gallery in their own Folder. Published in Nippon's "Bring the music on!", a manga all about music.


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The prize is already including the sending costs, so the further you live away the cheapier the drawing become you could say haha xD And yes, "sending costs", as I will ship your commission to you aswell :) Since they are such small things and, especially ACEOs, easily to send in an envelop ^^

:star: ACEOs :star:
ACEO - Deep Heart by ICanReachTheStarsACEO: Miku Hatsune by ICanReachTheStars
Extra detail:
ACEO Commish - Mitsu's Mirror by ICanReachTheStarsACEO Commish - Dashing Flame by ICanReachTheStars
Normal: 5 euro ( = 6,57 USD) or 500 :points:
Extra detail: 6 euro ( = 7,89 USD)
or 600 :points:

Normal cutting:
Commission: Laurien paperchild by ICanReachTheStarsComm: Jamie the Cheerleader by ICanReachTheStars
Extra detailed cutting:
Comm: BabyDoll paperchild by ICanReachTheStarsCommission: Talia paperchild by ICanReachTheStars
Normal cutting: 7 euro ( = 9,20 USD) or 700 :points:
Extra detailed cutting: 8 euro ( = 10,52 USD)
or 800 :points:

:star:What do I draw?:star:
- Just look at my gallery; girls, best range of age is 12 - 18. But about every age is possible for me for women/girls :)
- Young boys/shota's.
- Fantasy, magic, fairies angels half-robots half-animals magical girls etc : D
- Fanart

For ACEOs:
- Bg's that are colors and effects only
- Bg's that have realistic elements, most likely things like clouds, water, plants, flowers, but actually about anything is fine. Except buildings :') (but landscapes from any kind, or "magical' background, etc are fine ^^)
For paperchildren:
- Extra effects such as flying around feathers, ribbons, shards, etc
- Both standing and leaping/floating poses
- Both "posing" and "acting"

I do more than just this, so please ask if you are wondering :)


Sep 19, 2014
2:52 am
Sep 18, 2014
11:48 am
Sep 18, 2014
10:29 am
Sep 17, 2014
8:40 pm
Sep 17, 2014
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Ooh you mean my llama's? :3 Hmm maybe I should go give some to people to reach 500 llama's then xd
Thu Sep 11, 2014, 2:00 PM
21 badges for the next one :o
Thu Sep 11, 2014, 11:27 AM
Aahh man I really wish you didn't deactivate your account :C Now you'll never know how gratefull I am for your comment! ;___;
Sun Sep 7, 2014, 4:48 AM
i love your art so much
Thu Aug 14, 2014, 1:34 PM
Woops I missed my own dA birthday;;;
Wed Aug 13, 2014, 8:45 AM
I should do a kiriban at 100.000 :p But I think that's going to take at least another year xD
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 8:16 AM
75.000 pageviews wooooohh!! aah I remember when I used to make "Thank you" drawings for a set of views 8')
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 8:16 AM
Looks like you're still getting pageviews for something c: ... but not shouts :c
Wed Jul 2, 2014, 7:08 AM
Where are all these pageviews coming from???? 99 views on Saturday when I didn't even have internet?? What's going on omg
Wed Jul 2, 2014, 6:21 AM
No wonder the shoutboxes get so less shouts D: DeviantArt should go advertise them xddd
Wed Jun 25, 2014, 1:39 AM


ICanReachTheStars's Profile Picture
Artist | Varied
Hey there! :D

:bulletpurple: My name's Tessa, I'm 18, and I've been around on dA for 4 years now \(ovo)/
:bulletpurple: I'm always trying to improve my art so feel free to give me constructive critism!
:bulletpurple: I like lots of things such as animals, nature, music, art, etc. and I'm generally a very happy and positive person *w* I hope this also reflects in my art ~ >U<
:bulletpurple: I love digital AND traditional so you'll find both in my gallery! I also often make ACEOs and paperchildren besides normal illustrations! And I try to draw a short manga every now and then;
:bulletpurple: I'm a huge procastinator so it might take forever for me to draw certain things or to reply comments QAQ Sorry in advance! But please feel free to message me if you want to ~ (I love notes!)
:bulletpurple: Lastly I secretly dream of being dA famous one day ohohoh. Although I'm alreay very very happy with the support I already get right now >U< :heart:

Stamps! //these haven't been updated in forever uwah;
:iconirefusestamp1plz::iconirefusestamp2plz:Vocaloid love by xLuna-tanLen stamp by Niza-AzoruXD Stamp by MimiMarieTI Know Stamp - Revamped by EvilSakuPikachu Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :icontoolazy1::icontoolazy2:Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rosethe truth stamp by manic-pixie::Lulu Season - Stamp:: by aristodemelugixStamp: Gentlemen's Allience by MoliskiAnime Is Art by sambeesPanda Stamp for Nirumo by MimisuzuArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudiosI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateluna stamp by raspberryredAutumn Stamp by Kezzi-RosePanda Stamp by xXMandy20XxNO. 6 Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoNo. 6 - We'll Meet Again Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoStamp - Pandora Hearts by SuxinnGilbert Nightray Stamp by Death-SummonerArina Tanemura Stamp by Chibi-NuffieK-ON Stamp by KishiFishyUltimate Madoka Stamp by Mayu-HikaruPokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlexHotarubi no Mori e Stamp by Shiyui
Youtube: Tessalikeschocolate and Tesloid (UTAU account)
Aniway Forum: Tessella
Tumblr: (personal blog with art every now and then)
PaigeeWorld: ICanReachTheStars

My Journal Skin and Costum Boxes are made by zara-leventhal! *^*

dA friends :heart: >U<

Admired Artist:

You'd better join this:


ICanReachTheStars has started a donation pool!
2,202 / 3,000
Donations are appreciated veeeerryy much ♥♥

I'm saving up for being able to commission others, donate to artist who deserve a donation, perhaps use it for an extention of my premium, etc ~ To reach this I very often also do Paperchild and ACEO Commissions for points (: Scroll down on my page to find a box with info about it! ~

And currently, my commissions are:


:bulletblack: :bulletblue: :iconvocaloid-donation: :bulletblue: :bulletblack:
Please donate at the icon above to Vocaloid-Donation for Vocaloid-fanclub!

Please do so, currently we ran out of our super group status, and along with that the journal skin, gallery look, all extra features, pictures and extra Vocaloid information dissapeared TvT *already donated*

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Update about life in general ~

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 7, 2014, 4:47 AM
Hey guys!

Man it's been a while since I last wrote a Journal like this hhmm.. updates about my art and my life!

As you might now, starting this year I'm going to college! Yup, I'm a student now 8') I'm studying Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University (one of the best uni's of the Netherlands woop woop, go Wageningen!) Since uni is about 2 hours traveling from my home, I moved to the nearby town Ede and now live there during the week. Right now it's weekend so I'm at home, but tonight after dinner I'll go back to Ede again for my 2nd week! So far it's been pretty okay, some parts are interesting and others are less. I have long days (I leave at 8 am and come back home around 5:30 pm) and already 2 projects and other stuff to work on;; But I'll just tough it out just like I did with the uninteresting partsof high school, knowing that uni will become more and more interesting as I get more freedom in choosing subjects starting the 2nd and 3rd year! 

I don't have a lot of free time atm since I also have to cook and clean and everything myself now :C Luckely I could't have wished for better roommates so I'm always happy to come home and cook togheter with them! C: About my roommates; I live in an appartement for 5 people; 1 is currently in Japan (!!!) till October and I haven't met them yet. Another just moved last week (without telling us beforehand and he also took the electric cooking plate.. with 1 day notice... ASSHOLE) and the other two I live with now are a boy and girl my age. Sometimes we sit down in the kitchen and time just flies as we talk about stuff, rant about our roommate who took the cooking plate, sing Frozen songs (xd), etc ~ We all pretty much have the same idea of how we'd like to live our student life so that's really great! C: I really hope that the new roommate who will arive the 22nd of September will have the same ideas (rather than "guys, I want a bench on beer crates!" or "Cleaning is overrated" or idk).

Uhh yeah I was going to write about how I have less time and thus less time for art, but then I got distracted by writing about my awesome roommates;; Woops xd But now it's time for an art update! 
I'm currently busy with many different things and it's all kinda confusing;; I have a Puella Magi drawing formy circle Stardrops-Doujinshi that needs to be finished by the end of the month, I have contest prizes for ManonHetalia that I still need to continue, the superdetailed drawing, my manga, and something new I discovered a few days ago: Altering cards of the card game Magic The Gathering (anyone here who knows/plays it? Or alters cards? My roommate plays it and he asked if I was perhaps able to edit them. I tried 3 cards so far 2 came out really great and I'm kinda thinking of turning this into a part time job xd But more about this later!) 
I don't have a lot of time to work on stuff, so I'll be working mainly on things that have priority right now, which is my Puella Magi drawing. After that, I hope to do the contest prizes.

About commissions; I was thinking of opening 2 slots but with the con that it will take me atleast half a year, but for the sake of at least opening commishes and not feeling my free time with other stuff;; But at the same time, I already have so much to do, I don't want to push myself too much;; So for now the'll remain closed.. Sorry ;____;

Alright I've written wayyyy too much again 8') I also have homework that still needs to be finished and after that I have a Just Dance-appointment xd (aka gaming at my friend's house woop woop!) Oh and I just remembered I still have another water color drawing! I'll go upload that now too ~ Also, if you want to see the Magic The Gathering cards alters I did, I uploaded them to my IG ~ (xICanReachTheStars)

Byee byeee! Thanks for reading, if you read it whole, comment "cookie" and you'll get a virtuel cookie! 8) What a great deal!

  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Yuki Kajiura anime music compilation
  • Reading: Card Captor Sakura
  • Watching: Anime
  • Drinking: Fanta

Go to your iTunes/Spotify/music program and search for the song you've listened to the most of all! Now.. how many times have you listened to that song? 8D (For me, it's 656 with Danse Macabre xd) 

7 deviants said 500 - 750 times
6 deviants said Less than 200 times
4 deviants said 1500 - 2000 times //dammnnnnn
3 deviants said 200 - 500 times
1 deviant said 1000 - 1500 times //damnn
No deviants said 750 - 1000 times //damn
No deviants said 2000+ times //damnnnn now you also need to tell me what song that was

To do-list

div class="gr-box gr-headless">

Because I always have, like, TONS of stuff to do:
:bulletpurple: Collab with Peetsj Panty & Stocking: Base colored
:bulletpurple: Extreme Detail Challenge with Metsuki & Gaera: On hold
:bulletpurple: Full drawing as prize for ManonHetalia: Sketching (thinking of restarting)
:bulletpurple: Bookmark as prize for ManonHetalia: Sketching


:bulletblue: Tutorial set of 10 tutorials, Deadline August 30th: DONE AWYISSS
:bulletblue: Tutorial Pin: Sketched

:bulletpink: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Deadline September 30th: Sketching

Manga Shinigami; Why did I die?
:bulletblack: Page 1: Done!
:bulletblack: Page 2: Done!
:bulletblack: Page 3: Done!
:bulletblack: Page 4: Lined

Last time this list was updated: September 14th


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