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This is a custom box : D

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Welcome on my page! :iconkamekolaplz:
Why have one featured drawing here, if I can post many with custom boxes? ;D Lemme show you the highlights of my gallery!

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Best works
Aniway Organiser - Autumn Animal Party by ICanReachTheStarsThe Gentle Voice fades Away by ICanReachTheStarsKiriban - Guns 'n Skirts by ICanReachTheStarsSix Trillion Years and Overnight Story by ICanReachTheStarsDon't mess with Time, or it'll mess with You! by ICanReachTheStars
1st Daily Deviation :heart: Received on the 18th of June, 2013.

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Paperchildren and ACEO's
Comm: BabyDoll paperchild by ICanReachTheStarsCommission: Laurien paperchild by ICanReachTheStarsCommission - FluffyBun by ICanReachTheStars
ACEO - Deep Heart by ICanReachTheStarsACEO Commish - Mitsu's Mirror by ICanReachTheStarsACEO Commish - Lauren Nichiha by ICanReachTheStars

My stories

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The two short manga stories (both completed) I made, both for the Circle Nippon-Doujinshi! Right now I'm busy with a 3rd story about a shinigami!
Ten Letters to Love You - Cover by ICanReachTheStarsTen Letters to Love You - Page 1 by ICanReachTheStarsTen Letters to Love You - Page 10 by ICanReachTheStars
Ten Letters to Love You, 17 pages, shoujo-ai, about a girl named Karu who writes loveletters to another girl, claiming she's delivering them for a secret lover- but they are hers! The girl thinks the writer is male and starts to fall in love with his personality.. but what about Karu? All pages can be find in my gallery and on my Smackjeeves! Published in Nippon's "Love is Love", a shounen-ai/shoujo-ai/yaoi-/yuri manga.
Guitar Gytha and Singing Sammy - COVER by ICanReachTheStarsGuitar Gytha and Singing Sammy - Page 4 by ICanReachTheStarsGuitar Gytha and Singing Sammy - Page 7 by ICanReachTheStars Guitar Gytha & Singing Sammy
12 pages, a story about a girl and her dog trying to become famous- by impressing a guy who might be able to make her into a star! But.. Gitami's tactics of impressing someone are, to say it nice.. a liiiitle odd. Pages can be found in my gallery in their own Folder. Published in Nippon's "Bring the music on!", a manga all about music.


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The prize is already including the sending costs, so the further you live away the cheapier the drawing become you could say haha xD And yes, "sending costs", as I will ship your commission to you aswell :) Since they are such small things and, especially ACEOs, easily to send in an envelop ^^

:star: ACEOs :star:
ACEO - Deep Heart by ICanReachTheStarsACEO: Miku Hatsune by ICanReachTheStars
Extra detail:
ACEO commish - Elin by ICanReachTheStarsACEO Commish - Lauren Nichiha by ICanReachTheStars
Normal: 5 euro ( = 6,57 USD) or 500 :points:
Extra detail: 6 euro ( = 7,89 USD)
or 600 :points:

Normal cutting:
Commission: Laurien paperchild by ICanReachTheStarsComm: Jamie the Cheerleader by ICanReachTheStars
Extra detailed cutting:
Comm: BabyDoll paperchild by ICanReachTheStarsCommission: Talia paperchild by ICanReachTheStars
Normal cutting: 7 euro ( = 9,20 USD) or 700 :points:
Extra detailed cutting: 8 euro ( = 10,52 USD)
or 800 :points:

:star:What do I draw?:star:
- Just look at my gallery; girls, best range of age is 12 - 18. But about every age is possible for me for women/girls :)
- Young boys/shota's.
- Fantasy, magic, fairies angels half-robots half-animals magical girls etc : D
- Fanart

For ACEOs:
- Bg's that are colors and effects only
- Bg's that have realistic elements, most likely things like clouds, water, plants, flowers, but actually about anything is fine. Except buildings :') (but landscapes from any kind, or "magical' background, etc are fine ^^)
For paperchildren:
- Extra effects such as flying around feathers, ribbons, shards, etc
- Both standing and leaping/floating poses
- Both "posing" and "acting"

I do more than just this, so please ask if you are wondering :)


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8:31 am
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7:13 am
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2:54 pm
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"Ohnoes!""becuz" *no punctation whatsoever* *extreme usage of emoticons* Aahh Journals from when I was 15 and just joined dA
Wed Apr 9, 2014, 7:02 AM
Omg I'm reading my old journal and I'm not sure wheter to cry or lmao xddd
Wed Apr 9, 2014, 7:00 AM
I was waiting for the joke and then suddenly I understood xdddd
Wed Apr 2, 2014, 5:58 AM
Wed Apr 2, 2014, 5:57 AM
psst i wanna tell you a pizza joke but it's too cheesy eve happy april fools day! ((trust no one))
Tue Apr 1, 2014, 6:23 PM
Tue Mar 11, 2014, 2:14 AM
What's with the sudden crazy amount of pageviews??? I have no idea what's going on aahhhhhhh;;
Mon Mar 10, 2014, 9:13 AM
Months of being neglected, and now my shoutbox finally receives some shouts again. I can tell he's a happy shoutbox
Wed Feb 26, 2014, 11:16 AM
Tue Feb 25, 2014, 1:05 PM
Sun Feb 23, 2014, 5:01 AM


ICanReachTheStars's Profile Picture
Artist | Varied
Hey there! :D

:bulletpurple: My name's Tessa, I'm 18, and I've been around on dA for 3+ years now \(ovo)/
:bulletpurple: I'm always trying to improve my art so feel free to give me constructive critism!
:bulletpurple: I like lots of things such as animals, nature, music, art, etc. and I'm generally a very happy and positive person *w* I hope this also reflects in my art ~ >U<
:bulletpurple: I love digital AND traditional so you'll find both in my gallery! I also often make ACEOs and paperchildren besides normal illustrations! And I try to draw a short manga every now and then;
:bulletpurple: I'm a huge procastinator so it might take forever for me to draw certain things or to reply comments QAQ Sorry in advance! But please feel free to message me if you want to ~ (I love notes!)
:bulletpurple: Lastly I secretly dream of being dA famous one day ohohoh. Although I'm alreay very very happy with the support I already get right now >U< :heart:

Stamps! //these haven't been updated in forever uwah;
:iconirefusestamp1plz::iconirefusestamp2plz:Vocaloid love by xLuna-tanLen stamp by Niza-AzoruXD Stamp by Chibi-MimiI Know Stamp - Revamped by EvilSakuPikachu Stamp by Kezzi-Rose :icontoolazy1::icontoolazy2::thumb208127790:Dreams Stamp by Kezzi-Rosethe truth stamp by manic-pixie::Lulu Season - Stamp:: by aristodemelugixStamp: Gentlemen's Allience by MoliskiAnime Is Art by sambeesPanda Stamp for Nirumo by MimisuzuArt Geek Stamp by xoxostudiosI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateluna stamp by raspberryredAutumn Stamp by Kezzi-RosePanda Stamp by xXMandy20XxNO. 6 Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoNo. 6 - We'll Meet Again Stamp by Twilight-KiyokoStamp - Pandora Hearts by SuxinnGilbert Nightray Stamp by Death-SummonerArina Tanemura Stamp by Chibi-NuffieK-ON Stamp by KishiFishyUltimate Madoka Stamp by Mayu-HikaruPokemon Games Stamp by KeliAlex
Youtube: Tessalikeschocolate and Tesloid (UTAU account)
Aniway Forum: Tessella
Tumblr: (personal blog with art every now and then)
PaigeeWorld: ICanReachTheStars

My Journal Skin and Costum Boxes are made by zara-leventhal! *^*
My supercute icon was a commission by Kiibun! ~

dA friends :heart: >U<

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Donations are appreciated veeeerryy much ♥♥

I'm saving up for being able to commission others, donate to artist who deserve a donation, perhaps use it for an extention of my premium, etc ~ To reach this I very often also do Paperchild and ACEO Commissions for points (: Scroll down on my page to find a box with info about it! ~

And currently, my commissions are:


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Please do so, currently we ran out of our super group status, and along with that the journal skin, gallery look, all extra features, pictures and extra Vocaloid information dissapeared TvT *already donated*

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Most unexpected and best surprise ever!!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 13, 2014, 5:36 AM
Hello everyone! :D You might have already read something about it in the description of my newest drawing.. I won a big prize with my cover for my school's newspaper! This one to be precise!:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I notice I've never uploaded it to dA for some reason, but I will do that later now haha (I'll probably upload only the front, so the right one).

So image this on a magazine now, the left side at the front and the right at the back.. the phoenix is going through the paper! 8D 

Anyway, here's the thing as to why this cover is related to this huge surprise I had last Friday. I was at home, it was about 1:30 pm when I got a call from school. It was a teacher who I know really well since he manages the school newspaper! He asked me if I could come to school, so I asked why. Well basically the conversation went like this:

T = teacher, I = me

T: Can you come to school right now?
I: Uhmm.. why?
T: I've got prizes for you here!
I: What prizes?? Is this a joke?
T: You won a contest and I have a cake for you here, and a trophy and more
I: OMG what contest??? Is this a joke?? (As you can read I couldn't believe it ^^;)
T: I sent your cover to the School Media Awards and it won 1st place for Best Image!

I still could barely believe it but I went to school anyway to see it for myself ofcourse xD There I met my teacher and two men who were from the School Media Awards. There was this big cake with the cover above (the Ice Phoenix) on it, and a trophy and some kind of poster, and they all congratulated me on winning first prize. 

You see, my teacher sent in the whole school newspaper and there are 5 categories in which you can win, one being Best Image, which we won thanks to my drawing QwQ The judge loved the idea of the phoenix going through the paper and the image itself!!! And since I made the drawing.. all the prizes were given to me QAQ I didn't even knew that contest excisted and suddenly within an hour I had won a contest and a lot of prizes!! It's still kinda overwhelming;;

Btw, this is what I won!!:
- A cake with the cover on it
- A trophy which says "Beste Beeld/Foto School Media Awards 2014"
- 2 tickets for a film museam
- A guest rol in the series SpangaS
- 500 euro which I have to spend on a certain site

The last 3 prizes were printed on a big poster which the teacher is going to hang in the school now;; He also send a message to the whole school saying I won;!!! I'm really really happy but also really really embarrassed xDDD But mostly happy haha!

This Friday was one CRAZY day aahh, teachers and people congratulating me and cake and being mentioned on the site of the School Media Awards aaah... I guess I'll upload some pictures of it later! :')

xxx Tessa-who's-extremely-happy :D

I'm so happy I've been able to draw for me school's newspaper! hahah

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Vocaloid music playlist
  • Watching: The new anime season C: Ask me about it!
  • Playing: Bravely Default

It's been a while since I asked this.. are you an active watcher? 8D (just vote the +1 if you are ^^) 

78 deviants said +1!

To do-list

div class="gr-box gr-headless">

Because I always have, like, TONS of stuff to do:
:bulletpurple: [DEADLINE 14 APRIL] Schoolpaper cover: Coloring
:bulletpurple: Collab with Peetsj Panty & Stocking: Lined
:bulletpurple: Foursome Free!: Not started yet


Manga Shinigami; Why did I die?
:bulletpurple: Page 1: Done!
:bulletpurple: Page 2: Done!
:bulletpurple: Page 3: Done!
:bulletpurple: Page 4: Lining

Last time this list was updated: April 15th


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OMG geweldige art wou dat ik zo goed was
ICanReachTheStars 2 days ago   General Artist
Ahhh thanks! ;w; Blijven oefenen dan haha! ;)
LuckyKoneko 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
heyyy, Tessa! ik zag op de ELO dat je een prijs had gekregen voor die ijsfeniks! zo cool! (um, wacht ff... dat klonk HEEL gek. 'cool', over een ijsfeniks? lekker bezig!)
ICanReachTheStars 5 days ago   General Artist
Yoooo! :D Klopt haha, t was gister echt een bizarre dag zeg @___@ Ik wist überhaupt niet eens van het bestaan van die wedstrijd af en toen werd ik opeens door Tuin gebeld of ik naar school kon komen om m'n prijzen op te halen en ik zo "WELKE PRIJZEN???" xDD Ik moet er maar eens een Journal over gaan maken :p
LuckyKoneko 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
hahaha, ohmygod, dat zou mij ook zijn gebeurd!
MimiStars Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Hallooo :)
Mag ik adoptables uploaden op PW, die ik voor DA points verkoop?
ICanReachTheStars Apr 5, 2014   General Artist
omg ik snapte eerste niet waarom je aan me vroeg of je adoptables mocht uploaden maar toen zeg ik eindelijk het "PW" haha xD
Natuurlijk, het is jouw art, zeg er gewoon duidelijk bij dat je ze op dA verkoopt dus dat ze daar dan ook moeten bieden enzo :3
MimiStars Apr 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Whahaha dat zou wel echt vet maf geweest zijn xD Maar oke mooi zo xD Weet ik dat ook weer ^^
Chancetodraw Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
zo erg bedankt voor de watch~! <33 :iconhontoplz:
ICanReachTheStars Mar 17, 2014   General Artist
No probbb! :3
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